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Episode 9 - Lillian Masebenza

I watched the programme about Lillian and found it very inspiring – she is living such a fulfilled and abundant life and is an example to all of us. Jenny Ibbotson

I watched Lillian on Journey to the Core the other night and she warmed my heart with her passion, power and purpose in the work that she does. I too share that mission in my life as I have equally suffered the trials and tribulations of abuse in all its forms in my life and through the faith and power of God have overcome. Love and Light, Terri Maselle

I saw Lillian on TV on Tuesday night. Thank you for influencing us all to have a very positive outlook on life. I needed that! Dr Barrie Barnard

I have seen a story of Lillian’s work on the Journey to the Core and would love to collaborate with her in some way. Shikoh

Lillian’s story has inspired me to greater things. Thanx Lilian you make me feel very proud to know and work with you. Ian Loots


It has been a wonderful experience to participate in Journey to the Core and I feel privileged that I was part of this programme.

After the broadcast, a lot of the people wanted to know if the programme will be repeated because they found it very inspiring and motivating.

It will be good if SABC could continue with it as I believe there are more such life stories that can be shared and could be inspirational to others.

Loved Lillian’s program. I have been a very successful recording artist in South Africa becoming the best selling artist in the country a few years ago. I was trained as a minister in the Dutch Reformed Church and also served there before I became full time involved in the music industry. Today I am a computer programmer and freelance entertainer. I also did many motivational talks to schools and various assemblies. My life though has gone for a major loop over the last few years. I have lost a lot in life and need to start over again. And then I saw Lillian’s program and thought to myself: “Why start over again in the world to get hold of something again just for your own benefit? – Why not get involved in something not for personal gain.” I would like to sit down with Lillian over a cup of coffee and talk because I have a lot to offer and maybe I can help Lillian and thereby she can help me with this “journey to the core”. Roberto Snyman

I was extremely moved by the program and proud to have played a small part in it. It proves that we can be victors through the love of Jesus Christ , our Saviour and Lord. Lots of Love, Linda Apps

I watched this amazing show this week and I was speechless. I’m a social worker myself, but the life of Lillian Masembeza is a true situation that many women and especially widows face. It was such an emotional experience and I couldn’t stop tears rolling down my face as I watched, listened and learned from a lady whose life took a dramatic turn after her marriage. Makes you think if marriage is really a priority. Would Lillian be where she is had it not been for her troubled marriage? Food for thought. May she live to change many lives. Christopher Kadaali

What a very pleasant surprise it was to watch TV last night and realise “I know that lady!” I truly enjoyed Lillian's story on “Journey to the Core” – she is a remarkable woman. Thank you Lillian for sharing part of your journey with the nation, it was an inspiration! I also think I need to introduce the stokvel concept to my circle of friends. Most of them are over 50 and single, mostly through divorce, struggling financially entrepreneurs with varying degrees of success, and mostly not very knowledgeable about finance! Would love to get some guidance from Lillian with this. God bless. Charmaine Sparrow

Last night I was lying in bed and was watching some TV. I normally watch before I go to sleep, to relax a little bit. I started watching Journey to the Core and they had Lillian on. Watching that program I just gained so much respect and admiration for her. She is such an inspiration to me. Similarly when I got divorced my husband left me with a baby and penniless. Luckily I had only one child and not 3 like Lillian. I know it is devastating and identified with that. Lillian made count my blessings for what I have got today. I would like to thank Lillian for becoming the woman she is and being such an inspiration. I feel like new air has been blown into these tired bones of mine. Talani Mare

Awesome - Well done Lillian! Greer Blizzard

I absolutely LOVE the show! Darienne Bester

So sorry to have missed Lillian's episode. Several people told me what great show it was - will it be flighted again? Ann Simmonds

So inspirational what these precious people do! The message is so powerful for us. Well done!! Cher

Sekunjalo! What a powerful spiritual experience! Lillian is a blessing to us all. Karen Barensche

What a great documentary. Khanyisa

Congratulations - well documented and an eye-opener. I enjoyed it very much. Maxon Mukansi

Well done - Lillian is a special lady! Caryn Darley

I really enjoyed Lillian's episode on journey to the Core. Well done. Ramona Franscis

Great, great episode this evening! Very inspiring. Fazlyn Toeffie

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