Sunette Pienaar
Social Entrepreneur, Founder of Heartbeat, Compassionate Caregiver

In 2000, jolted by a statistic that she read in the newspapers that there were more than two million AIDS orphans in South Africa, Sunette Pienaar left her comfort zone as a Dutch Reformed Church minister and started Heartbeat, a service organisation that assists more than 27 000 orphaned and vulnerable children in accessing water, electricity, housing and schooling grants.

Join us as we undertake an explorative journey of Sunette’s life and core values. Her story makes a powerful point of taking individual responsibility for wider social concerns and presents an inspired message to look beyond religious dogma to uncover the true heart of authentic spirituality. 

This episode also takes a look at how Sunette turns to yoga, music and meditation to nourish her spirit and to help her meaningfully contribute to a better world.

“I believe that everyday has the potential to teach us the lessons we need to know in order to return to Love.”

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